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The Unemployed Workers' Online Community Archive is a free platform for viewing, analysing and discussing materials relating to Australia's rich history of unemployed workers' activism. The archive will also feature commentary and opinion pieces to contextualise the collection. 

Most of 
the historic documents and ephemera featured in this archive have been accessed at libraries and archives and photographed on site with permission from archivists. The UWOCA aims to collect materials from other locations around Australia that are open to the public. Location of specific items can be made available on request

Submissions of material for the archive, article proposals, and general feedback are welcome. 
Please send to  

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Owen Bennett

Owen established the UWOCA in October 2021. He was on the executive of the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union from 2014 to 2021 and is currently writing a PhD on Australian unions and unemployment which he will be turning into a book for Interventions publishing in 2023.

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